Beside the traditional itineraries in town and in its surroundings, I can offer new interesting tours, helping to make your stay in Turin a more pleasant experience. You will discover unexpected sides of the world famous museums of the town, combined with a very special culinary surprise.

       Or you can opt for an itinerary emphasizing industrial heritage, art and food at the same time.
       You can also choose to wander among the stalls of the largest European market square with a stop at one of the most popular trattorias in Turin.
       Or take a pleasant short hike to an ancient Abbey located in the surroundings of Turin
       … and much, much more! 

       I 'll be glad to create new tours fitting your individual requests. As tour clients, you'll get assistance at no extra charge in getting tickets for special events, exhibitions, theatrical and opera performances, as well as giving you useful clues regarding restaurants, trattorias, pubs and other typical venues where you can spend a pleasant evening.

The Cuisine of the Pharaohs

       You'll be surprised by the extremely rich collection of foods and beverages of the Ancient Egypt. You'll discover the crucial role food played in religion, work and ...   
Discover Turin in two hours

    Turin, from the Roman town to capital city of Italy. The urban structure, its  castles in the surroundings and its spectacular baroque style. 
To finish with a ... 
A royal Villa and an aristocratic Neighbourhood

     The Villa and the gardens follow the example of the 17th century Baroque in Rome the building is beautifully located half way up the hill. Final pause in a traditional ...
Precious weapons in the Royal Palace
      A short walk through the richly decorated rooms of the Royal Palace will lead you to the valuable ancient weapons collection of the King. Those weapons will retell ancient stories, legends, ... 
Classics are always fashionable!

    Come and enjoy a classic itinerary in Turin! Whether you have already visited the town or not, you'll be charmed by its Palaces, Monunents, Museums and ... Cafés 
Cars?At the Museum.Let's take the Underground

      A short and exciting trip back to the origins of the automobile; we'll see how they became a myth and even inspired arts ....
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